About Me

sagar kalyan

Sagar Kalyan

Sagar Kalyan is among millions of students in India, who is very passionate about sharing his creativity and knowledge to the world, willing to spread happiness and opportunities in everyone's life.

Well, how should I describe myself?

I’m a Hustler and love to live in present and reality, started new YouTube channel and Web Developer as a career changing path.

Youtube Link(Hindi Channel): Sagar

Youtube Link(English Channel): Sagar Kalyan

So, Lets get started…

Now, I’m sharing every lesson I learn along the way through this blogging platform.

Here I will provide some really important information through creativity especially connected to the Learning life lessons, making money online, How to build a startup Company, Starting your own Personal Brand and lots of resources related to your goals, career, creativity.

My Point Of View:

Do you really Need to Go to Schools and Colleges?

My Answer is : No

Although it's important to go to schools and colleges, but we become dependent and have lots of expectations from such institutions that neither we are able to concentrate on things which we really want to do nor have good happy life without any complications.

I understand and accept it's really important for us to get education, but tell me one thing?

Do we learn something which is real and worth for us to live a happy and joyful life.


Can't we put some extra effort to make ourselves live the way we want. And its Possible!


Now, The Internet Thing ..

It has created more way opportunities for us to live our lives the way we want to live.

All We Need is..

FREEDOM and Doing the work which we really love to do.

Now, One interesting real thing

In India (Our Parents - 'Papa and Mummy') they lived their life the way they were taught. Most Parents do have expectations from their child to learn, grow and be successful in life, But unfortunately, it leads to regrets. Thats why millions of students are unemployed and not working in india. It's better to have big dreams and work for it, so we can make something valuable out of it. Now its your choice to live the life of real happiness and the way you want your life should be.

Many of us dream about something which we really like to do - making and producing music, playing musical instruments, photography, making videos and more over exposing our talents to somebody who would like our work and appreciate it!

But, It's Sad to say, We all end up doing nothing in our lives and just pass it like most people are living peacefully with inner frustrations and regrets . Which leads to Unhappiness and complicated lives.

Therefore, More of us become the same as our parents have expectations from us.

We too leads to have expectations from others like girlfriend, wife, children and government and unlimited silly things which is the real problem of our unhappiness.

Expect Nothing ! And live the way you want BRO...

Ab Tak Ke Liye Itna Kaafi Hai.. Varna Mazaa Nhi Ayega.

The truth is that finding happiness in what you do every day is so imperative.