creative means solving problem by sagar kalyan

What Creativity Means To Me?

For me it's being able to use my words and thoughts as a way to express ideas and inspire by sharing to the world.

Posted: May 4, 2019

If you have ideas but don't act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.

Being creative starts when you take courage to do something which you have thought. Executing and working into reality to reach your goals with confidence.

Making use of time, even thinking something good to happen in your life.

Didn't get it? What i said..

Read my true story to understand better -

My life was still boring and restricted, when i was going to college. I didn't enjoy as much as i should have. The main reason was having self-doubt on myself. All I did was completing classes on time and working hard to learn something my own online. I was trying to figure out how can i make something which is good for the freedom and choice of living the life i wanted.

At that particular time, i was influenced by many entrepreneurs. I watched long duration (hours) of videos just to get knowledge and using it into my life. I was Not creative but mostly imaginative or you can say overthinking.

I was afraid to start.

But what crossed my mind was I was living a frustrated and regretful life which i never wanted to live. I always concentrated on things which could help me grow with wisdom and purpose of life.

But couldn't do as i wished.

Here comes the turning point of my life.

I am happy and living the life as i want to.


One of the main reason to be here and living my life like this is.


Most people focus on things which aren't important. But, gives more attention. Like people usually takes other people opinions for their life situation and makes decision.

Thus, we often regret and complain most of the time from whom we take advice.

I mean to say, You better know yourself!

Make decision by yourself, just keeping simple and straight forward.

  • Real Creativity is being true to yourself.
  • Living the life you want, with no regrets.
  • The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
  • Sharing the knowledge and experiences you have in your life journey.
  • Creativity is the ability to see and express unique perspectives.
  • Creativity is manifesting ideas into reality for e.g. it's more about execution than inspiration.

Creativity is not a skill, it is an ability. Skill requires technique, you don't need any technique to be creative.

It's an ability to see beyond ordinary, it is the use of imaginative and thoughtful mind to create alternatives, possibilities, new and original ideas into reality.

This creates the change happening in you life with positive vibes and feeling good. And also changes people perspective surrounded by you.

Creativity is a form of expression.

  • Pooling from this wealth of knowledge we store in our brains and making connections between different ideas, we have to solve a new problem, or create, write a new novel — that’s what science looks at when we study ‘creativity.’ Just to drive home the point, this is very much a function of the brain. There’s no need to invoke all that folklore into this. It’s our brains doing what they do.